Ruby Gardens                                                                                   

RUBY GARDENS is located in a lush and secluded 2.84 acre enclave. The exquisite Residences reflect a contemporary design
approach that encapsulates climate, nature and architecture. This combination transforms into a seamless and spatial layout that result
in habitable spaces inside the building that ventilates both natural light and air. The design emulates the natural properties of Ruby - the
rich spectral red tones together with both its clarity and quality of the gem. This clarity of design completes the quintessential tropical
living experience that exudes an epitome of sophistication.

Project Name : Ruby Gardens
Location : Dengkil
Type Of Development : 2-Storey Premier Terrace Home
No. Of Unit : 43 Units
Status : 100% Sold. Construction commenced in March 2019, expected to be completed in Nov 2020        

Taman Pinggiran KKB                                                                      

Located amidst the serenity of breathtaking natural landscapes and lush greenery, the tropical retreat of Pinggiran KKB Garden is surrounded by natural rainforests. It is an ideal community setting for a timeless and healthy living lifestyle.

The efficient design layout integrates ample luxury spaces and advocates natural ventilation and lighting to the interiors of the building.

The neoteric architectural elevations set in a natural milieu adds to the blend of serenity and tranquility. One is able to enjoy different visuals and delightful perspectives in the interiors of the building.

Project Name : Taman Pinggiran KKB
Location : KKB                                                                                            
Type Of Development : Residential
Status : Open for sale


Taman Pinggiran KKB
Taman Pinggiran KKB
Taman Pinggiran KKB
Taman Pinggiran KKB
Taman Pinggiran KKB
Taman Pinggiran KKB
Taman Pinggiran KKB
Taman Pinggiran KKB
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